5 types of people you meet in your neighbourhood

5 Types of People You Meet in Your Neighbourhood

Just moved into a new neighbourhood? Fantastic! It’s always nice to be in a new place; new roads, new views, new neighbours, and so on. Most of these you can drink up with a single stroll through the area; however, when it comes to neighbours you can never be completely sure what you’re getting yourself into until it’s too late! There are a number of different neighbours, some great and some not so great. Here are a few examples; let’s see if you can match any of your neighbours to these!

The Overly Friendly Neighbour

This is the neighbour who becomes your BFF the day you move in! They come over to your house, usually with a home-baked pie or something. You talk for a while, then you talk for a while longer and before you know it, you just really want to be alone to sort out your place. This neighbour is constantly asking you questions, wanting to know every little details about your entire life; sometimes they go too far and starting poking at personal places that you really aren’t comfortable talking to them about. You really try your best to deal with this lovely person who has absolutely no idea what they’re doing to you, but deep inside you just really want them to go away after the 12 hours that they’ve sat on your couch!

The Always Away Parents

These neighbours can ruin your peace simply by not being there; this is because even if they aren’t there, their children are! Have you ever heard the sounds of three children running around a house with no adult supervision? If you haven’t, then cross your fingers and hope you never do!

Then There’s… um, that Guy?

Come on, you’ve all had that one neighbour who is always out and coming home super late and you have no idea where they went or what they did. Sure, they’re welcome to do what they like, but the way they behave and respond to you is almost borderline creepy. You say hello to them as they go out at 6am and all you get in return is a nod and a grunt. Everyone is welcome to their solitude but you just can’t help wondering what exactly it is they’re doing.

The Bickerers!

Then there’s that one neighbour that will find anything you do to be incredibly annoying. They live in a completely separate house from you, but don’t hesitate to come storming over if you so much as switch your lawnmower on before the hour of 4pm. Some people need their afternoon nap you know? How inconsiderate!

The Passive Neighbour

This is everyone’s favourite neighbour. They don’t come over to your house on a daily basis just to talk for hours on end; nor do they complain about your lawn mower. They simply live in their house and greet you in a friendly manner whenever the situation arises. If ever one or the other of you is planning something you always remember to invite each other. They’re not always around as they are living their own life, but when the situation comes up, you get along quite well! Let me know which of these neighbours is most like yours or even if you have a different kind of neighbour that I didn’t mention!