Are Propane Heaters Worth it?

Safety Concerns 

If you are uncertain whether propane can be trusted for your source of heating, rest assured that it must pass through rigorous standards, making it highly dependable. It has a very low potential of igniting when combined with air, and must meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association. Along with being safe for people, it is also not harmful to soil or water. While it is nontoxic and creates no emissions, it is still essential to make sure that you select a heater with the proper kilowatt hours for the space that you would like to heat.

Green Energy

 In today’s climate, protecting the atmosphere is a major concern. As previously mentioned, propane succeeds in being emission-free. It is also known as being a source of “green energy,” which is something highly desirable for those who actively like to keep track of their eco-footprint. As part of the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992, you will find propane listed on both.

Always Dependable

 Propane trumps electricity when it comes to dependability. During power outages, any other types of heaters that require an electrical outlet are not going to serve their purposes. Propane gas can be stored in tanks on your property, ready to use in any given situation, regardless of whether you have power or not. Also, propane does not spoil, pool, or leave any type of residue. You can stock up on it so that you will always have enough to keep your heater running in any situation.

More Warmth 

When choosing to use one of the best propane heater, you will find that the heat produced is warmer than that of its competitors. It can get up to 140-degrees, and this rises at intervals to minimize operational costs. For risk of being burned, it is not recommended to close to any type of heater. You will able to feel the warmth from your propane heater from afar, making the room a comfortable temperature.

Cost Efficient

 As shown by the US Department of Energy, propane heating costs approximately ⅓ less to run than an electric heating system. Regarding the different models of propane heaters available, they are all budget friendly:

  • Propane Gas Water Heaters – $10 per/mo less than comparable electric units
  • Propane Gas-Burning Fireplaces – 30%-60% less per/hr than wood-burning units
  • Propane Gas-Burning Cooktops and Ovens – saves 65% of costs over electric dryers

Of course, with any heating setup, there are going to be upfront costs to purchase the unit initially. Due to the ease in upkeep, propane heaters still remain near the top of the list for being friendly on the budget. Filling up your propane tank is one of the only things that you will need to worry about after you purchase your heater. And as it was mentioned prior, propane does not spoil, thus giving you the option to stock up on tanks for future use.

Bottom Line

 Yes, propane heaters are worth it. You have the heating power that you desire, the budget-friendly operation, and the safety to make you feel secure while using your heater. Propane is readily available at most grocery stores and hardware stores for purchase, so you will not have to worry about where to find fuel. Once you have a tank, you can keep refilling the same one, which makes propane heating very eco-friendly. Whether you want to heat a room, your whole house, or use it as a stovetop, propane heaters will be able to meet all of your needs.