Title getting the right finish from a good builder

The choice of a builder is not just the price of the house! The technical skills, the quality of listening and the guarantees of the legal contract must be taken into account. Essential to making the right choice!

Architect, company anybody of state or builder of individual houses? The actors are numerous on the market of the individual house. But before choosing the professional who will carry out your construction project, you will have to sift through the legal contract, the structure of the company as well as your professional skills. Good builder Oxford

Guarantees of the individual house construction contract

Be vigilant about the legal contract that will be proposed to you. Because the guarantees are not the same. In a contract of project management, the evolution of the price of the house is not regulated. The craftsman can thus impose on the individual additional costs, invoking, for example, an increase in the price of materials. Similarly, the construction work of a house, carried out as part of a project management contract, may be lengthened and cause a delay in delivery of the property.

A secure contract. Risks that the buyer will not face if he has signed a contract for the construction of a detached house (CCMI). Created by the 1990 law, the latter is undoubtedly the most secure for individuals wishing to build. Because the rise in the price of materials that can occur is framed, avoiding significant increases. No other surplus value can be imposed on the customer. The extra costs that may arise during the construction work will be borne by the manufacturer.

“The Construction Contract – the 1990 law is the only one to offer mandatory protections, including the guarantee of delivery at agreed prices and deadlines,” says Serge Nauges, head of the Serge Olivier Houses.”In case of default of the manufacturer, the guarantor (insurer contract NDLR) is responsible for the successful completion of the work at the same price and within the same time. ”

The responsibility of the manufacturer engaged. The house that will come out of the ground will have to respect the thermal regulation, the RT 2012. An individual who calls on an architect for the design of the plans of his house will have his responsibility engaged in case of non-conformity of the construction. Punishments? Carrying out work to comply with the law. He is also liable to a fine of € 45,000. In a CCMI, it is not the individual who bears the risk of a possible non-compliance: “It is the manufacturer who is legally responsible for compliance with the RT 2012,”

A dialogue of quality. The quality of the relationship between the salesperson and the client is essential to the success of the project. “This is the budget of a life that will be entrusted to a professional,” says Miguel Gomes, manager of Yvelines Tradition, a manufacturer specializing in high-end. “The latter must listen to his client to properly define his needs. The builder’s sales representative has to propose the most suitable project for his way of life, on the planned land. Without forgetting, of course, the budget!

Check the know-how of the individual house builder

The job of the constructor has become more complex because these professionals are subject to an obligation of results. The thermal regulations, the RT 2012, strengthened the requirements in terms of energy consumption. The latter is thus capped on average at 50 kWh / m², a figure including heating, hot water, lighting, ventilation and cooling.

The constructions must also be more airtight. The pro local builder must obtain a maximum water tightness of 0.6 m3.m².year which will be measured during a test carried out before delivery of the house.

Craftsmen to retain. So many demands that weigh on the shoulders of subcontractors who work on behalf of the manufacturer. Masons, electricians, plumbers: all trades are concerned by this obligation of results. The work will be better realized as these companies work for a long time with the manufacturer. Three years are often necessary for the latter to have assimilated the requirements of the manufacturer.

Rigor in the program. But this fidelity does not exclude a permanent requirement of the manufacturer for the work done. “If we notice lower quality services from our subcontractors, we warn them. And if we do not see any improvement on their part, we do not give them more jobs for six months, “warns Miguel Gomès who can use the other three companies selected in each trade to continue his activity.

The quality of the construction of the house to check
A manufacturer playing the transparency will communicate to you without difficulty the names of the companies with which he works. Nothing prevents you from visiting construction sites and talking with its craftsmen. This visit also allows you to evaluate the cleanliness of the site, the quality of the chosen materials. Visits are also often offered by the manufacturer.

This is the heart of the book that the client usually does not see. We will also take him to another construction site in the state of finishes when laying the tiles. The distribution of the parts being made, the individual visualizes the volumetric better. We will also show him the windows, the radiators. ”

Work to watch. The monitoring of the site must also be scrutinized. All the pro local builder employ work leaders to coordinate the work of the craftsmen and to control the quality of the work. It is still necessary that this technician does not have too many sites under his responsibility. In some manufacturers, these professionals manage from 40 to 60 when others deal with only 10 to 20 buildings. “Our drivers spend every other day on the sites of our customers,” says Miguel Gomes.

“They make a point with the companies; check the good performance of certain tasks such as reinforcement or the layout of the stairs. These visits can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the progress of the work. “Real conductor of the site, the works supervisor also asserts itself as one of the key interlocutors of the purchaser who can ask him about the course of his work. The latter has either the laptop of the professional or his email. The important thing is to answer questions quickly.

The price of benefits to studying. This is often the main criterion used by buyers in the final selection of the manufacturer. Examine the materials, equipment and services provided by the pro local builder.

A lower price of 10% or more can be indicative of the use of lower quality materials, the use of a low-skilled workforce … Key to the risks of defects that can occur during construction. Not to mention that the practice of low prices degrades the commercial margin of the company which allows, in particular, ensuring the after-sales service due to customers.