Do you think it was time to buy your first house?

Go ahead; it’s a great decision, which will probably impact your financial life forever. Because of the importance you have, you should not take it lightly. These keys will help you:

5 Keys to Buying a Property

1. Bring yourself financial goals

Look for them to be real, according to your current lifestyle and financial conditions. If you meet the two basic elements to buy (good credit history and stable employment), you could be ready to start the process immediately. Barking boundary wall disputes

Buy A House Guatemala

If not, investigate what you need and get ready. The best way to do this is by making a plan with a date, and drawing dates to reach the objectives.

2. Organize your finances

Buying a property costs, and although it has many long-term benefits, you must plan it very well. It is important that you have some savings for the down payment, the closing costs or the expenses associated with the move and that you guide yourself before making the purchase contract for an estimate of them.

There may also be expenses for property improvements that are immediately necessary to make the dwelling habitable. Keep in mind and very importantly, do not do any large-scale new debt while you are in the buying process.

If you have your finances clear, continue to the next stage.

3. Ask for a bank pre-qualification

It is an important step but you should get to it after being clear about your financial situation because the bank will ask you to account for your debts, your income and want to know your ability to pay. The pre-qualification does not cost, nor is it a commitment.

It will give you a very good idea of whether you qualify for a mortgage loan or what you should do to qualify in the future if you do not meet the required criteria at the time.

Are you clear about how much you are willing to pay?

4. Contact the sales agent who will help you choose the best residential project

The process of buying a house is not easy, and a real estate agent can help you. He will be responsible for representing you and guiding you on the steps to follow, but it is not mandatory that you use it. Many buyers prefer to acquire the property without intermediaries and it is your right. In either case, inform yourself well.

Do you already know who you want to help you?

5. Start to identify your ideal home, make the offer and process the loan

Maybe the last stage of your purchase is the one that takes the longest, and although sometimes it is not exempt from anguish, it is the most rewarding. In the end, you will have the house that suits you best, bought with a conscious plan and in tune with your desires, needs, and possibilities.

Is it worth buying or not?