Right to property. Natural right?





This is my particular idea: Create a National Registry of Real Estate Property, perhaps in charge of a “Department” of the Civil Registry and Identification, based on a single inscription, updatable as the one of the patent plate of the National Registry of Motor Vehicles, whose The only national “registration” is the number of the tax assessment role, in a computer database. Each property in the country has, for the purposes of payment of contributions, a role number that identifies it, so it would not be necessary to devise another type of identification. Maidenhead Sebastian Mediation


The data associated with the fiscal appraisal role would be: the chain of successive owners, the subdivisions of the role (sale of part of a property) or of the real estate co-ownership – the departments of a building or of a condominium – the respective annotations of encumbrances, prohibitions and other relevant “sub-inscriptions”. Online, in any “Department of Real Estate Property” of the Civil Registry of the country, you could request certificates of current domain and cheaper and faster liens and prohibitions.


The current technologies of handling, storage and data consultation would allow to safeguard and provide information in a fast and safe way, leaving in the past the use of hundreds of linear meters occupied by thick volumes of paper records, which every day continue to increase and occupy more physical space in inadequate and unsafe vaults.


“Although the source water belongs to everyone, who can doubt that the collection in a container belongs to the one that filled it? With his work he has taken it out of Nature, where it belonged to everyone, and with it he has appropriated it for himself ” Locke A” natural “starting point is taken as a society in which people are subjected to relations of subordination and dependency ; If we add to this the right of people to accumulate without limits, and to transmit by inheritance , all kinds of properties, we find that the point of departure is a society in which inequality and dependence dominate. Individuals who have no property other than their own body have no choice but to


Rent it or sell it to the owners of lands and riches to survive , thus generating servility and contained frustration. It perpetuates, in this way, an unequal society, in which the chain of domination and dependence present in the previous hierarchical societies, not only stays between rich and poor, but also extends between the latter until invading all corners of the world. the private, to ensure, through fear and abuse, the submission of the weakest individuals (women, children, the elderly and, at another level, immigrants). The only property that ensures all individuals the formal equality of rights agreed upon is the ownership of their own body (which includes brain and mind).


It is condemned to the defendant real estate to pay the actor the sum of 80,000 pesos for punitive damages (Article 52 bis, Law 24240), since, in the case of a specialized company, its action was unscrupulous, as it should have reported the exchange value of the US dollar in the reserve made by the plaintiff, adjust its task to the customs of the real estate and current regulations and, once the real estate collapse has been frustrated by the divergences in the value of the currency, have returned what was received as a signal, a maneuver that not only materialized in the case, but was also reported in another real estate transaction.