Social commitment: beneficial for all in business !

Around you, people and organizations need help. As an entrepreneur, you have everything to gain by committing yourself concretely to foster the well-being of the communities in which your business operates. Specification disputes Builders

This is the message sent by Véronique Lettre, Senior Director, Branding and Community Presence, at the National Bank.

Why should a company s ‘ engage in its community é?
All businesses contribute to the well-being of the communities in which they operate, in particular by creating jobs.

But it is desirable to do more, by actively engaging in society, contributing to the collective well-being. The needs are great, especially at a time when public funds are scarce.

In addition, the company derives real benefits: it increases the attachment to its brand, develops its notoriety and arouses affection. The social commitment of a company also promotes the loyalty of customers and its employees, because philanthropy creates real pride among employees. If the commitment is well done and for the right reasons, it can also contribute to business development.

The commitment of the company must also involve the participation of its employees.

What form should a company’s social engagement take?
Many sporting and cultural events would not take place without the support of the companies. This is proof that cash donations and sponsorships are always an effective way to help a cause.

The commitment of the company must also involve the participation of its employees. They should be encouraged to volunteer and participate in their community’s activities.

It is a good idea to support the causes that matter to them, if they fit with the values of the company. For example, you can contribute financially to the causes of your employees in proportion to the time they devote to them themselves. It’s a good way to tell them: what you do is important.

Employees should be encouraged to participate in their community activities, for example, by becoming athletic trainers or board members of a local organization.

Another way to encourage employee engagement is team volunteering. The company can even allow its employees to volunteer on hours.

Which are the errors to avoid?
To have a greater impact, avoid scattering. This is likely to happen if you are looking to help everyone. Instead of supporting a variety of causes with a small amount, it is better to support a few with a larger amount.

How to make a success of your social commitment?
To make a real difference around you and avoid scattering, you need to establish guiding principles to guide the actions of your business. These principles must reflect your values and be true to the company’s mission. They will help to choose the causes that will receive your support. It will also be easier to explain why you said “no” to a cause.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs?
To give a structure to your actions, it is useful to create programs that will frame the social commitment of your company.

If you have a formal project appraisal process, for example, you make sure there is some neutrality in the decision process. Such a process adds credibility to the actions you take.

And if you link the donation to a specific program or project, you can follow up and make a real difference.